Juice Cleanse Tips



Tips for  Succeeding in your Juice Cleanse Journey

Has the thought of doing a cleanse ever crossed your mind but not sure where to start?  Co-Owner Kyle Cruickshank shares three tips to set you up for success!


Be Mindful of the Transition

In a  yoga class exhibiting mindfulness and effort through the transition between poses is just as important as the poses themselves. This same mentality of a mindful transition should be applied to the days leading into and out of your juice cleanse.

If you are thinking about embarking on a multi-day juice cleanse it is important to take stock of your eating habits and routines, transitioning into and out of the cleanse.  Mindful and intentional preparation for both the cleanse and for returning to your regular routine after the cleanse are important periods that can allow you to get the most from your cleansing efforts while also minimizing some of the most severe effects sometimes experienced as the body and mind reset.

Before going without food for a few days, it is best to adjust your diet to a clean and plant-based diet that will nourish the body while preparing yourself for the cleanse ahead.  By avoiding or minimizing meat, eggs, dairy, caffeine and alcohol and other hard to digest items, you can start to reduce the strain on your digestive system and reduce mucus and inflammation-inducing foods helping kick-start several of  primary physical benefits of doing a juice cleanse.

Once your cleanse is complete it is especially important to be mindful of food and drink you are putting into your body and fuelling yourself with. Most people find a juice cleanse provides an opportunity to become more mindful of habitual eating habits, identify cravings, and be inspired in one’s own journey in health. Try to stay mindful of these moments of inspiration that occurred during your cleanse and plan your first couple days of post-cleanse meals to best utilize your new found energy and inspiration.

Surround Yourself with Support

Everything is easier ( and more fun) when doing it with friends. Consider finding a friend, co-worker, or online community to support you during your cleanse. This could mean doing the cleanse together, comparing notes on the experience and offering support to one another along the way, or if doing the cleanse by yourself, surrounding yourself and sharing your cleanse experience with individuals supportive and empathetic to your health journey.

Deciding to undertake and stick to any change to one's routine, especially a multi-day juice cleanse can be challenging. To best ensure success in your cleanse experience and health goals the support of those with whom you surround yourself with cannot be overstated.

Lose the Dogma

While this advice  may seem antithetical coming from a business offering pre-determined juice cleanse kits, but the most important piece of advice for a positive juice cleanse experience that offers enduring lifestyle benefits is to customize the cleanse experience to fit your goals and lifestyle.  You are unique, your diet is unique, the daily demands and stresses you face are unique…. It is okay if your juice cleanse is unique too.

Being unnecessarily dogmatic, strict, or unforgiving while undertaking a cleanse can and does often produce unnecessary and counterproductive emotional and mental stresses that by their very nature are antithetical to the goals of a juice cleanse.   I find the best way to be clear about how much flexibility to give yourself while on a cleanse is asking yourself ‘why’ you are undertaking a cleanse and committing to giving yourself the flexibility necessary to meet this goal while still getting through the demands of daily life.

What this means will be different for every person, and will even  shift substantially for the same individual from season to season and cleanse to cleanse, however, examples of what may be considered ‘constructive cheats’ while on a cleanse could be allowing yourself an organic green tea with honey to cope with caffeine withdrawal, having a small snack of nuts and seeds for a midday energy boost,  or incorporating a bowl of warm vegan ‘bone’ broth or similar light soup to provide a sense of warmth and sustenance. At the end of the day, undertaking a juice cleanse is something that should only be done for your own health goals and should be approached in such a way that it encourages and supports your personal efforts and lifestyle goals. No one ever failed at life by complementing their juice cleanse with  a few slices of fresh cucumber, a handful of organic almonds or starting the day with a green superfood smoothie.

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Kyle Cruickshank (Words)
Shamit Tushakiran (Photography)

Carly Wall