Masterful Spring Soda

Are you ready to give your body a little break after long weekend indulgences but don’t want to miss out on precious patio season time?  Not to worry, we have the perfect solution with our deliciously cleansing Masterful Spring Soda.

This virgin soda combines Pure Kitchen’s Masterful elixir with fresh mint, lemon and ginger. This is the perfect soda for post-holiday hydration. It has hints of spice, hints of sweetness and is both crisp and refreshing.  The Masterful Spring Soda is a tasty immunity boost and can easily be made at home as our Masterful elixir is available to grab and go at all locations and can now be ordered online for pick up or delivery (Elgin).

Build in a 12oz glass:
• 2oz Masterful Elixir
• 1 oz lemon juice
• 1oz ginger juice
• 1 handful of fresh mint
• Ice
~ Top with San Pellegrino sparkling water


Why we love this:

Using our Masterful Elixir (made with maple sap, lemon, cayenne and maple syrup) as a base ingredient provides this mocktail with incredible health benefits.

Cayenne peppers have been used medicinally for centuries and are perhaps best known for boosting your metabolism by increasing the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories.  Cayenne can also help to reduce hunger and minimize cravings and may even aid in digestive health by boosting the stomach's defense against infections and increasing digestive fluid production.

Maple sap, the unboiled and unprocessed nourishing liquid from the maple tree, is incredibly rich in electrolytes making it one of the most hydrating liquids we can consume.  Maple sap is low in natural sugars and calories and can be used to help balance blood sugar levels and reduce associated mood swings and fluctuations in energy levels.

Freshly squeezed lemon provides refreshing flavour as well as aiding in stimulating the digestive process even more.  Finally, a handful of fresh mint not only adds fresh and bright flavour but is yet another digestive aid in this detoxifying bevy.  Perfect for sipping on the patio after work or after dinner, this refreshing drink is sure to soothe your tummy and help you to feel great after a large meal!

Greg Boyd (recipe)
Shannon Gilchrist, RHN
Tara Porter (photo)

Carly Wall