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Juice Cleanse


Although healthy living is a long-term project, cleansing is a natural body process and a way of supporting the body’s natural functions. Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins, be itthrough our food, products or the environment, and cleansing isa way to help clear toxic clutter while giving the body a break. A juice cleanse is a healthy way to flood the body with nutrients, while giving your digestive system a break and pressingreset on the body.


The reasons for doing a juice cleanse can vary from person to person, but the benefits are many! Done properly a juice cleanse can help to increase energy, improve digestion, conquer cravings, support wellbeing and reset lifestyle habits. The intention is to emerge from your cleanse energized, revitalized and restored!


Pure Kitchen Ottawa offers ONE ($60), THREE ($165) and FIVE day ($275) cleanses Mondays and Fridays of every week, and are made available for pick-up Sundays and Thursdays. In order to ensure the product is as fresh as possible, we can accommodate split pick-ups for our multi-day juice cleanses. All juices cleanses must be picked up at one of our restaurant locations as we do not offer delivery. Place your order bycontacting us via phone or email


Our juice cleanses depending on the number of days would resemble the following, with the numbers indicating the suggested order of which to enjoy them in!

Day 1
1 - Detox
2 - Shine
3 - Electrify
4 - Believe
5 - Champion
6 - Nourish

Day 3
1 - Believe
2 - Shine
3 - Electrify
4 - Heal
5 - Champion
6 - Nourish

Day 2
1 - Shine
2 - Believe
3 - Electrify
4 - Heal
5 - Champion
6 - Nourish

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Pure Kitchen Ottawa offers three cleanse options in order to help you pick the juice cleanse that is right for you.


1-Day – $60
The perfect option for anyone new to juice cleansing,or looking to cleanse on monthly basis.
If you are new to cleaning, this is the best way to introduce the process to the body slowly.


3-Day – $165
The best option for someone looking for a full juice cleanse experience.
You are looking for a fresh start, to flood the body with nutrition and reset some dietary habits.


5-Day – $275
The perfect option for an experienced juice cleanser.
You are not new to cleansing, love a good challenge and looking to make some lasting changes.


What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold-pressing is a method of extracting liquid from plants without denaturing any of their nutritional content. Cold-pressed juices are created as fruits and vegetables are pressed together by metal plates to extract all of the liquid. This method allows the juice to be extracted from the produce withoutdestroying nutrient and enzyme content. In using cold-pressed methods,juices remain raw and nutrient dense for up to 72 hours. By contrast, a more common method of juice making uses a centrifugal juicer where the produce is pulverized by a spinning blade. In this method, small amounts of heat are created in the juice and nutrients and enzymes are lost in the process.

Can anyone cleanse?
From our point of view, most adults can benefit from a juice cleanse. Whether you are an avid cleanser or completely new to cleansing, we encourage everyone to partake in our juice cleanses. With that being said,we must emphasize that we are not doctors and do not provide medicallysupported cleanses. We do not recommend our juice cleanses to pregnantor breastfeeding women, children or anyone with a medical condition.

How many days should I cleanse?
How many days you choose to cleanse is completely up to you. Some people may find a monthly 1-day cleanse very helpful, while others will prefer a seasonal 3 or 5 day cleanse. If you are new to cleansing, we recommend a1 or 3 day cleanse to begin.

How should I prepare for my cleanse?
It is important to use the days leading up to a cleanse to prepare your body for the process it is about to undergo. Avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, dairy and red meat is ideal. The more you can prepare your body for a cleanse, the more pleasant and more transformative it will be.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?
Yes, but be gentle! It is important to move your body while cleansing, but that does not mean you need to partake in vigorous activity every day. Although people’s energy levels may vary, it is important to remember that you are consuming a lower volume of food. The intention of a cleanse is to relax and give the body a rest, so participating in lower impact activities like walking, swimming or yoga, and getting outside are ideal.

Will I lose weight during my cleanse?
This is very case dependent and varies from person to person. Although some individuals may lose weight during the cleanse, short-term weight loss should not be seen as the goal of the cleanse. Rather, think of this cleanse as an opportunity to help your body re-balance itself, become mindful of and potentially break some bad habits, and become better able to create apersonal long-term health plan.

What can I expect during my cleanse?
Feeling a little tired or a little hungry on your cleanse is completely normal. It is best to find a time when you are occupied, but not too busy to do your cleanse. You are making a major change to your diet so small symptoms are completely normal. How an individual feels during their cleanse can vary greatly and therefore it is important that you listen to your body.

The juices are designed to help flood the body with nutrients, ease any detoxification side effects, and make the cleanse as comfortable as possible. It is also normal to experience some detoxification symptoms during a cleanse.

These may include but are not limited to; fatigue, headaches, nausea, irritability or muscle aches. The juices are designed to help the body feel nourished and support detoxification. It is important to drink lots of water, engage in light activity, and ensure you are getting adequate sleep.

How do I transition out of a cleanse?
It is best to ease your way out of a cleanse the same way you eased into the process. Continue to avoid processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, dairy and red meat for the first week after your cleanse. Ensure that your first few meals after your cleanse are plant-based and easily digested. Smoothies, soups and salads with lots of raw vegetables are ideal first meals after a cleanse.

Focus on keeping vegetable content high and on supporting your digestion by chewing thoroughly and eating slowly. Use the post-cleanse period as an opportunity to note any changes in digestion and overall health, and as an opportunity to implement new dietary habits moving forward.

We offer these standard cleanses, however if you are lookingfor a custom option please reach out to us directly!

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