Your team is incredible — accommodating, patient, and full of energy. The entire menu prepared for us, from the appetizers, to main, to dessert was perfection. The colours, textures, and taste could have not been better. This is from vegans, vegetarians, children, and meat eaters alike! — Wendy



Hey! Wow did my taste buds sing when I visited your restaurant! My new fav for sure!! Do you guys have a cookbook? If not, you should! A best seller for sure! — Stasia




Obsessed! It's amazing as a gluten-free vegan to go somewhere and have options! I love everything on the menu! Thank you for making a night out enjoyable! — Chelsea



I love everything that your restaurant stands for... healthy, active, fresh, and clean living. I believe the Pure Kitchen is an amazing place unlike any other spot in Ottawa, it's what every person like me has been waiting for in our city. — Rose



I have been to your restaurant three times now and each time it has been incredible. Is there any possibility that you would ever offer a series of cooking classes? I for one would love to know how to recreate your flavours at home. — Barb